GnuCash & Dark Knight 2


As an ongoing effort to reduce my dependencies on Winders, I have started using GnuCash. Like Quicken, GnuCash uses double entry accounting. Never having taken accounting in school, I’m glad one of my brothers did because he explained enough of it to me so that I could use the bloody software. So far, so good. I got through this month’s bills.

On a different (and more interesting note), I just picked up the second book in the Dark Knight2 series. Many of the complaints I heard about the series when the first book came out (eg. “it’s not as gritty as the original”) are answered in some ways in this lastest ish. I think Miller isn’t out to show us that old heroes can still rock. I think the point of this series is to be a somewhat humorous send-up of our current political farce edged with an omnious warning: ignoring politics today can lead to enslavement tomorrow. Again, Wonder Women is looking mighty fine.

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